Gardening on Cape Cod is a wonderful privilege. We enjoy a unique microclimate created by the Gulf Stream which makes temperatures warmer here than the rest of New England, with smaller sub-climates depending on whether your home is located near the ocean or inland. This allows us to utilize some plants which would not typically survive in our hardiness zone such as figs, camellias, and crape myrtle.  Soil conditions also varyfrom lines of heavy clay to sandy, porous soil that tends to be acidic. Embracing this diversity is what we're all about, working with nature by amending the soil with organic matter, utilizing native plants when appropriate, and celebrating the beautiful mix of plants and wildlife we're so lucky to live with!   


"A weed is a plant that has mastered every survival skill except for learning how to grow in rows."   Doug Larson

The Sparrow Gardens crew consists of Suzanne Cheverie-Pugh and Rand Pugh, along with our dedicated team of gardeners.  Suzanne, a former art director and graphic designer, blends her design background with her garden expertise to create beautiful landscapes. She is a member of the Cape Cod Organic Gardeners, a certified Master Gardener with the Master Gardeners of Cape Cod, and has worked as a professional gardener on the Cape for many years. Rand's experience incorporates numerous years spent as the proprietor of his own gardening company, Beds and Borders, and as the groundskeeper for an extensive private property here on Cape Cod.